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Also called soft berry fruits provide a juicy autumn

A 'soft' harvest
All the fruits are soft when ripe, but with 'soft fruit "(or" berry ") are all those sorts of berries who does not like apples, pears, plums etc. grow on trees. "Soft fruit 'grows on trees, which is ideal in the garden. Many species are quite fragile and do not tolerate fairly rough transport over long distances. So it's extra nice to species such as currants, gooseberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, etc. themselves to grow and harvest fresh.Such "small fruits" have something that compares favorably with the "big fruit" of the trees: they can self-pollinate well. So if you have only one plant of each species requires. That's nice in a small garden. Moreover, there are many species that can be guided climbing (grapes, kiwi). Those questions have less garden space, but give a very rich harvest. Furthermore there are short-lived species, such as strawberries, which grow well in pots. No one needs to refrain from soft fruit, even on the balcony. A separate orchard is not necessary. Just put it among the ornamental plants.

ripple rose and rose hips
The succulent soft fruit in September and laterAlmost everyone thinks in the first eel-berries, and other cross-berries (red, white and black berries), but it must be the last race in August to be harvested. Soft fruit species for September harvest raspberries (Rubus idaeus), especially the late-ripening autumn raspberries (from September) and their family members the blackberries, which thorny and thornless varieties are known. The choice is enormous. Moreover, there are many products cross between blackberries and raspberries, as loganberries. The late varieties of blueberries are ripe in September. The high vitamin C-rich rose hips ripple of rose (Rosa rugosa), rose hips, dog rose and Eglantier googst from September, as figs (Ficus carica) and lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-ideae). By bearing strawberries can be picked up in October. Climbing the Chinese gooseberry or kiwi fruit (Actinidia chinensis) and can contribute richly to some new varieties is also no longer need separate male for pollination. It's great to bake your own pergola kiwifruit picking. Just a feeling rich grape (Vitis vinifera). There are now many varieties offered in our outdoor climate to thrive.
CareThere are soft fruit species for any place. Obviously do not all species everywhere as well. It depends on sunlight, soil type, etc. If these conditions are consistent with the requirements of the species, keep healthy, strong plants. Provide timely food and water. Good pruning is important. Each type requires a different approach. There you will have to deepen a moment. Difficult it is absolutely not. The result is a rich harvest. For the time is, birds can be difficult zijn.duindoorn take action against it.
September Garden TipsNot any more fattening. The plants need to ripen before winter. Only the grass can still get low N fertilizer autumn. Keep mowing. Collect vitamin-rich berries from plants such as Gelderland rose, buckthorn, etc. Dry them and store for winter bird food. Over wilted flowers in summer. Pick straw flowers to dry in sunny, dry weather. Renew now boxwood edges if necessary. Faded perennials clean (but leave stems are decorative). Even intensive weeding. Bring a new mulch on. Tendrils of climbing plants tethers.

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