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Cedar, tree of power and dignity

Long before the Lebanon cedar at the end of the 17th century was introduced into European gardens and parks, he was legendary and proverbial. As the most impressive tree in the Bible he is seen as a monarch who even praised praises Yahweh. But when the Lebanon cedars begin to regard as holy, Yahweh is rebellious. He sees them competing gods and that he can not tolerate.
The cedar tree is the most in the Bible. This relates to the Lebanon Cedar. Here it is often used as a symbol of power and dignity, valor and glory, beauty and fertility.

The Hebrew word for cedar Erez is derived from an Arabic dialect and means "the powerful". The Hebrew word Eretz daarenttegen means earth or mother earth. This word appears in the Torah, and refers to the motherly person who gave birth to Adam. The words are similar but the meaning has changed over time.
Cedar mythology existed long before the Bible was written. The Lebanon Cedar mediator between God and mother nature. In Anatolia (Turkey), saw the cedar as the violent aspect of Artemis (Greek goddess of hunting and wild nature). In the Himalayan cedar embodied the equally violent Kali Durga root of the tree of wisdom and universe. Kali
The Cyprus cedar that was associated with Aphrodite loved ones killed, just as violent as Artemis and Kali goddess of love and not as they appear in the Greek myhtologie described.
According to Egyptian mythology, the god Osiris's coffin at the foot of a cedar put down. The tree grew up quickly and enclosed the chest with its branches.
The Lebanon Cedar has an important place in the early period of the oldest religious story, the Epic of Gilgamesh. This epic was written around 2340 BC. and a collection of Sumerian stories. It is said that Gilgamesh (king of the Sumerian city Oereok) among a sample cedars met. Shamah the sun god and the amulet that protected him from his mother he was able to sample overwinnen.Toen he promised, husband to become the Great Mother, Inanna Ishtar. But that was not all that happy about it. Gilgamesh overcomes the sample
According to another legend on Gilgamesh and Enkidu (a wild man brought up by animals) on their way to the Holy Chumbaba watched cedar felling. During this act the earth trembles in Lebanon and Syria. Of the wood they build a gigantic gate. As Enkidu damage the roots, he later died.
Psalm 29 from the Bible was originally a hymn to Baal Hadad of a so-called pagan gods. These were the other gods laughed because he had no home. Why did his sister Anath a temple built of cedar.
Abraham planted a cedar grove, the cedars of Beersheba. The seeds he had from the city of Uruk Mesepotamiƫ brought. Here were seen in the cedar the mother goddess who had given birth to the god Ningishzida.
Inanna Ishtar

Use magic
The cedar has a strong protective aura. If you have a small piece of cedar wood in a bag when you carry over your front door or confirmed, evil spirits at a distance. If the beauty of a mature cedar admired, remember that you disagree with a very old tree with a religious meaning to it.

Cedar of Lebanon
I n the dawn Gathered cedar-bough,
for the plaiting of thy whip.
They were sweet with law
They still thought of the night.
All alone I schredded cedar-bough,
Green Bough in the pale light,
Where the morning meets the sea,
and the great mountain stops.

Constance Lindsay Skinner (1877-1939)

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