Monday, September 5, 2011

2011: Year of the Bat

2011 has been declared the Year of the Bat
The image of the bat

As the only flying mammal, and still at night, the bat fascinated mankind for centuries.The year 2011 has been declared the Year of the bat. All countries in Europe pay attention to the bat. That's why we go the next year this interesting mammal closely.Garden lovers should cherish the bats. The animal eats including many moths whose caterpillars are harmful: zaaduil, fruit and oak leaf roller owl. However, the bat is not a good name and many people fear it.
The poor image of the bat hanging with a few things together.First, the fact that the bat especially at night active. This does a bat not to have competition from birds. In the dark you can hear he uses echolocation. He sends a signal that reflects off objects in the environment. The reflection (echo) catches the bat in his ears and thus determines the position (location) and the shape of these objects. The construction of his head is equipped to do it.The signal transmits a bat out of his mouth before he openspert wide. Although some open mouth is scary to see, this does not mean the bat is aggressive.Echolocation works very accurately. If a bat brushed past above you shave, then you do not worry, that he sit in your hair.
Also people think that by a bat soon be contaminated with rabies. Yet no such opportunity given large. Of bats in the Netherlands show 0.01% infected. In the Netherlands, nobody, no pets, suffered ill effects from contact with a bat infected with rabies. You can only get the disease when bitten by an infected bat or if you have a wound on your hands with such a bat comes into contact.Worldwide there are approximately 1000 species of bats. Of these two, which feed on mammalian blood. These vampire bats live in South America and Europe are not. 21 species of bats live in the Netherlands.That does not mean that European bats tame. If you find an injured or sick bat, stay away from. You, as the site allows, something about the bat such as a colander. Call the church or the animal. They will contact your local bat group. This group provides shelter and care know what the animals need. Here we go into the next episode, when discussing the care of Elsie, a baby bat.

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