Sunday, September 4, 2011

Self strawberries grow

On warm days, a nice bowl of fresh strawberries must be right.
Especially when the strawberries from the garden still bred. There are many delicious recipes with delicious strawberries that you can eat.

The roots of the strawberry are originally in America in the State of Virginia. There are also those who come from Chile and were "as much fruit" brought by a French explorer Antoine Amadee Fr├ęzier. Meanwhile, this fruit has become very diverse and there are over 600 different species known.

It is often thought that the strawberry is a fruit that belongs to the family of the berries. This is not true. According to the strawberry in botany among the group of roses, it contains among other things, cherries, apples and pears. In strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) in the flesh swells, forming the mostly red delicacy. The real fruit of the seeds on the outside of the fruit.

Choice of species
The strawberries are divided into two groups when it comes to picking period: June-bearing and bearing strawberries.June-bearing in a short time will give their fruits for four weeks. Flowering and the harvest period will therefore expire separately.The other kind - the bearing strawberries - have a period during harvest four months. Flowering and harvesting periods run over by another, so there is more to this kind of work and maintenance to the strawberry.
By supporting races are better suited to pot cultivation. By selecting varieties like 'Ostara', 'Rapella' and 'Selva'. Because the plant is a long period of prosperity and harvest will often what spurs must be removed here and there leaves, shriveled fruit and flowers must be removed too often. This works better when the plant in a pot. Herbs Towers (also known as strawberry towers) are highly recommended for this. In the garden it is often difficult to properly maintain the plants.June carriers are well suited in the ground, especially when they lie on a bed of straw so that lasting fruit. But when the straw is used four months there will be problems arise with rotting fruit. Good, once bearing varieties are 'Elsanta', 'Elvira' and 'Korona'. A breed is known for supporting 'Ostara'. New varieties are 'Rapella' and 'Selva'. They bear fruit between July and October and bloom simultaneously
strawberry recipeshmmm, delicious fresh strawberries ...
Method of growing strawberries in pots, hanging baskets or strawberry tower

Mix watergelkristallen through the soil, so that more water for a longer period is held. This prevents the plants from drying out. In addition, ensure that the good soil is permeable. To a compact soil is not good for water permeability.
Plant 4-5 plants per large pot, side pots in 1 to 2 plants are inserted. Plant them always on the side of the pot, and diagonally from the ground, so the fruit will hang over the edge and not remain in the pot (making them harder to harvesting).
It is recommended that herbal tower turning occasionally so that all parts of the herbs tower utilize the sunlight.
If desired, two towers herbs are combined to a height of 95cm, so you do not have to harvest at the bottom.
When growing strawberries is recommended to remove the long shoots. This will force the plant to the fruit itself go, so you better strawberry crop.
Some herbs such as mint can quickly proliferate. To avoid choking, it is recommended that one plant species per level to grow.

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