Thursday, September 29, 2011

chicken shed

Chickens in the garden rearing and care in the autumn.
Keeping chickens in the garden: Autumn work!

In this time of year, most older chickens to molt.

What is molting?

Moult, the change of plumage against the coming winter. We're clearing the fallen feathers regularly.

Molt is basically not a disease, but the chickens feel during that period really fit as a fiddle! They are prone to catch a cold or the like. A draft-free pen is therefore not a luxury when it's wet and chilly.

During the period that they moult laying hens.

Chickens in a rushing namely egg, have a good protein feed needed for the production of their new feathers.

Also, a grain-rich feed offered to them as 'strong' as possible, because grain makes sure that the chicken thicken. Vitamins should not be superfluous here ...

Green fodder is a valuable contribution to these delicacies for the chickens.

Sunflower seeds should provide a fresh bright plumage.

Very healthy chickens that have a white powdery layer on their feathers.


When the hens are uitgeruid they will soon go back to the place.

Note: this is definitely not for all hens.

Bantam chickens usually will take a winter rest and only put back in March.

Talk? Do not make me laugh, ...

Indeed, chickens are put back to start talking. Course in their own way, but you can really perceive between the animals. They are lively, playful and a lot tamer. This means that they are quicker to approach the caregiver. And especially not to forget their wattle and comb are fiery red.

Autumn Cleaning:

On a beautiful fall day we should open up the loft. Everything is then disinfected, sleep poles, splits, ... in short everything that is loose and can be disinfected.

The litter in the pen is completely removed and thrown on the compost.

Now that the litter is removed, the surface also disinfected, especially ... take your time and wait for this so the floor can dry out sufficiently. If it is wet and you make new litter is possible that it will become moldy from the moisture that is still present.

So, your chickens are good in the winter and spring can then pick up again the first eggs.

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