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Flemish Brabant table grape protected

Flemish Brabant table grape protected with Protected Designation of Origin
Flemish Brabant table grape protected
Flanders has been the first PDO or Protected Designation of Origin. The European Commission adopted on 10 July the file properly. Protected Designation of Origin or "appellation d'origine contrôlée" in French, is only granted to exclusive products that have a strong link with their region.
A group of eight grape growers called "The Star Grape" was supported by FLAME and the mayors of the vine growing region in the application. The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Department of Sustainable Agricultural Development, accompanied the file. The Province of Ontario can rightly be proud of its gastronomic heritage honored.
A long wayDecided in 2003 three grape growers, Filip Luppens, Hans Meyhi and Ronald Vander Kelen, supported by the Mayor of Overijse, to apply for PDO protection is made in Europe.FLAME and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Department of Sustainable Agricultural Development, supported the farmers in the preparation and supervision of their cases.
The key steps in the procedure were as follows:

May 20, 2005: effect of registration procedure in Flanders
October 25, 2005: publication request in the Belgian Official Gazette
March 10, 2006: approval of the application by the Flemish Minister of Agriculture
March 24, 2006: submission dossier to the European Commission
October 18, 2007: publication in the European Official Journal (European launch appeal proceedings)
July 11, 2008: notification of the Commission that the Flemish Brabant table grape officially recognized as a protected designation of origin under Regulation (EC) No. 656/08 published in the Official Journal of the European Union on July 11, 2008
Standards are highThe requirements for a PDO protection are not minimum criteria for the granting of a designation of origin are much stricter than those applied to obtain a geographical indication. A PDO can only be awarded to products that are very closely connected to the area whose name they bear. An origin for the quality or characteristics of the product essentially or exclusively due to the special geographical environment of the place of origin. By geographical area meant inherent natural and human factors (such as climate, soil, topography, local knowledge, etc ...). Moreover, given only to a PDO product which production, processing and preparation take place within a defined geographical area whose name it bears. There must be a very strong link between the characteristics of the product and its geographical origin.FLAME and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Department of Sustainable Agricultural Development, which the file with preparing and escorting saw opportunities hopeful in because there is a clear link between the quality of Flemish Brabant table grapes and the soil, climate and local expertise .

Flemish Brabant table grape
Top productThe Flemish Brabant table grapes from the municipalities Overijse, Hoeilaart, Huldenberg and Tervuren are top in taste and shape.This task is not only the local breeds, adapted to the soil and climate, but also the expertise accumulated through the generations serristenfamilies.The taste of the blue-Royal, Ribiere or grape Leopold III is characterized by a perfect sweet-acid ratio. The white grapes have a strong muskaatsmaak.But also the eye wants something. By uitkorrelen grapes are thinned so that the clusters are larger berries and bunches obtain their beautiful shape. End result is beautiful, heavy bunches of blue or white berries with a layer of down, which guarantees a healthy product. There are, after all, after flowering no pesticides used.The glass villages of yesteryear are no more. Thirty growers maintain and offer from July to October Flemish Brabant table grapes.

The European Union offers three types of labels to protect products:

GTS - Guaranteed Traditional Speciality

Often it is the unique cooking products so that the region-related and not necessarily the origin. This statement does not refer to the origin, while emphasizing the traditional product composition or production method.

In Flanders, the lambic beers distinguished and protected with a GTS.

PGI - Protected Geographical Indication

A product that the PGI label must bear at least one of the production, processing or preparation stages to its geographical origin can be attributed. Moreover, this product is known within a defined geographical area.

In Flanders Geraardsbergse mattentaart distinguished and protected with a PGI.

PDO - Protected Designation of Origin

These local products produced, processed and prepared within a defined geographical area, and according to a recognized and controlled traditional method. This has the typical features of these products very closely related to soil and climate.

In Flanders, the Flemish Brabant table grape distinguished and protected by a PDO

The European Union called on the quality systems PDO / PGI / TSG in 1992, life for the agricultural products and foodstuffs which are typical for a particular region or characterized by a typical product composition to protect. It aims to allow the diversity of agricultural production to encourage the product names to protect against abuse and counterfeiting and consumer guarantees regarding the origin of the product and its specificity. Names of products recognized, are marked with the corresponding European symbol.

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