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Cherries and sour cherries

Cherries and sweet cherries and sour cherries or

Cherries, sweet and sour

Sweet cherry (Prunus avium) and sour cherry (Prunus cerasus) blooms in April with a profusion of white flowers. Sour cherry blossoms a bit later, depending on the weather and sometimes until early May During flowering trees are beautiful. Sour cherry does well in light shade, even if espalier on the north.
In the Netherlands it is called sweet or sour cherry.
In Belgium, sweet cherries, sour cherries.

sweet cherry
Of sweet cherries 'Bigarreau Burlat', 'From', 'Hedelfinger' and 'Lapins' good varieties. The first is an early, half-ripe in June. The others are a little later. 'Regina' is a self-pollinator. Growers are constantly looking for smaller tree shapes, cherries for a garden suitable than the traditional standard trees. Small remaining cherries can grow into a mesh cage. This protects them against bird damage. If root is "Limburg Boskriek" and the slowly growing 'Gisela 5' is used.

Prunus avium
sweet cherry

"Morel", also known as Rheinische Schattenmorelle 'for an easy fruit tree garden. This is self-pollinating cherry and dark fruit carries great, even on the north. The tree has small size and the fruit ripens even in rainy weather. It is possible that some branches of the fruits ripen later. It is rather a disadvantage than-not all at once ripe cherries.

  prunus cerasus
sour cherries or cherry


     Cherry love rich, not too wet soil.
     The morel is pruned after harvest at a young sprout, Prunus species only summer pruning.
     Cherries are picked ripe, and sour morello is principally for processing (jam, juice, alcohol) are suitable.

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