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Pruning small fruits

Pruning GrapesGrapes and kiwis have to be pruned since February 1 this species early in the spring to build a huge sap pressure. Prune too late, the plants can start bleeding heavily. The juice will literally spray out and the plant will be unable to close the wound with very adverse consequences. Remove all shoots from the previous year away from the beams have grown up to one to three buttons. From each stump with new shoots - eventually - but a flowering shoot is held. This is from the flower cluster in three to five leaves topped. Arise from the axils of new shoots to be regularly removed. In the grape clusters ripen more quickly if there are no leaves above it.
Blueberry, blueberry or American Blue Berry pruningThis shrubby besdragers require acid soil. Some varieties can reach 3 m tall. Usually a shrub 4 to 5 branches constitution held the first two years will not be shortened. On the leaders is the bush fruit-bearing shoots. The fruits are produced only on annual shoots. This means that from the third year of pruning regularly replace worn shoots needed.
Red and white currants pruningThese shrubs can be grown free-standing support of any kind and can even be used as a hedge. The detached butt is the most common. It will be held 4 to 5 branches, usually 3 onto a trellis branches. The branches are pruned every year. When they reached the required height, they are trimmed back to a strong lateral shoot. At the branches appear side shoots that produce berries. These are (long pruning) little pruning (which many small berries) or cut short (fewer but larger berries). This usually happens in late January. Inside the bush bunches ripen slowly, which can be improved by the tips of the shoots in the summer pruning away. But make sure that that at least six leaves sprout remain.
Blackcurrant pruningThese shrubs are only as free-standing shrubs. The finest fruit clusters are produced at year-old wood (that was formed during the previous year). Three-and four-year branches contribute less rich. Therefore, from the second year replacement pruning. Keep 4 to 5 branches. Replace three old branches often by new basal shoots. Short branches are not partially. You need the formation of branched stems (forks). Pruning too short fruit stalks away. The replacement pruning is black berries in the summer (after harvest). Every year more than enough new basal shoots.
Raspberry pruningThe summer raspberry canes that bear on the ground formed the previous year. Set new plants in autumn in the ground and prune them to knee height. This encourages the formation of new shoots in the spring. Retain up to 8 to 12 shoots per meter. Tie them to a wire (single wire above the other) after the leaves drop. The following year, it shoots at 10 cm above the top wire. After harvesting the canes cut off. After harvesting these will die, and now there are already new shoots that you can repeat the whole cycle.
when pruning raspberries. pruning raspberries
Autumn Raspberry pruningThese raspberry varieties bear fruit after the summer on canes that are formed in the same year. Prune in the autumn after the harvest all canes down. Next spring, 10 to 12 new canes and tie them to. Autumn Raspberries are not as robust plant than summer raspberries.
Japanese wineberry pruningThis is a climber that something like a summer-bearing raspberries can be treated. He bears fruit on branches that formed the previous year. After harvesting the spent canes to die down some. They can be the best to cut and replaced by new basal shoots that have emerged already. You can also plant several meters to climb on a trellis and then prune the parts that die.
When pruning fruit trees. Tips for pruning berry
Pruning GooseberriesGooseberries bear on one-year twigs. In December, all too short and thin branches to remove. Ground shoots are removed if they do not replace branches are cut. For hedges of gooseberries wire is usually to a height of 40 cm. Also close to the ground, hanging twigs and branches are cut away. Sometimes in the summer some air into the dense shrubs will be cut here and there. Always mold affected areas immediately prune when you see them.
Pruning BlackberriesIn this half-climbing fruit trees produce fruits on the one-year (the year formed) basal shoots. New shoots shoot in the summer. Turn them out onto wire arches. Once the shoots grow above the top wire, they are topped at 10 cm above. These main shoots of lateral shoots on which the berries. Cut canes should be pruned away during the spring.Other berries such as loganberries, tay berries, etc.These are species that usually cross product between blackberries and raspberries are created and the characteristics of either a greater or lesser degree. They must also raspberries or blackberries are pruned.

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