Monday, September 5, 2011


Aphids: pests that plague can be!
Aphids are real culprits for our plants, they come in large quantities, not to say with masses.
You see them and they hardly have red, green or black color. Their greatest enemy is the ladybug, which we often will find near an aphid infestation. In short ... a malefactor we would exclude from the garden.
What are aphids?The aphids belong to the family of Aphididae. They are about half a millimeter in size and beak among the insects.
With their 'beaks' prick them through the plant and suck many nutritional values. They multiply rapidly and before you know it your whole plant full of lice! These insects are viviparous and also egglaying. When the young hatch, they undergo various transformations until they are mature aphid.
A true defense of other insects or birds, they did not. They separate a sugar-like fabric on the abdomen. The ants are fond of it and keep the aphids colony as a farmer's cows. So they push with their feet on the ants aphids abdomen when they want to drink some sugar. In exchange for this wonderful solution to protect the ants against their enemies, their sweet holders such as the ladybug.
Why do my plants aphids?Aphids on the plants seen when there is an excess of nutrients.Especially in the spring are also born boy with wings that can fly. These can then leave when they mature into the air and thus flow from one plant to "travel".But soon the mites multiply again and then you have very large colonies on your plant.
I would have this unwanted guest away ... but how?Because aphids can cause much damage to timely intervene. They can actually maim your plant, it can see a sudden yellowing of your plant, leaves to distort, fade, ... It can be so severe that the plant dies and that is certainly not the intention!
Fight?A natural enemy of aphids, the ladybird. The larvae of a ladybird eats during its development to the verpoppingsstadium be about 200 to 600 aphids.An adult ladybug eating aphids on each day to 100. That there is more than 3,000 a month.When you see the garden that you can expand into the conservatory, so there is still something of a natural balance.But in the garden this is often not sufficient and should be taken to pesticides.
Ladybug Ceramic Blue House -Ladybugs into the garden to attract special houses.

Waterjet, very clear!Aphids can not do against cold and water, so that the lice at the bottom of the leaves settle. Very evident than with a water jet to spray the aphids off. This helps only if the damage is not too large.
OrganicThe biological pesticides on the market works very well here. They also work against mealybugs, spider mites, scale insects, ... and the product is biodegradable.

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