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Sier fruit

Ornamental Fruit: fruit and ornamental species in the gardens of their careOrnamental Fruit mini mix
Autumn Bouquets and arrangements can be effective with decorative fruits' opgeleukt, especially if the fruit has a pleasing format.
Ornamental Fruit is not new, everyone knows the heavy gourds from the garden outdoors. They are retained, sometimes for months in a decorative bowl. But a man wants something new, thought a Dutch grower. He developed the "Decoration Mix ', which consists of a wooden box with eight plastic trays containing seven different decorative fruits. The fruits with a diameter of 2 to 5 cm are remarkably green, red, black, striped or hairy. Very decorative, such as filling in a tall vase, without water course, or as part of a Biedermeier.

The shelf life of fruit is fine. They remain for several months, provided they are dry and stored outside the refrigerator. Then they will slowly dry out and gradually lose their color. It is also important to know that the fruit unfit for consumption. Mix the Decoration consists of the following products: Solanum annuum 'Balloon', Solanum nigrum 'Huckleberry', Solanum aethiopicum, Cucumis hirsutus, dipsaceus Cucumis, Cucumis africanus Cucumis and mycrocarpus. The mix is ​​available from July to early December.
The pumpkin belongs to the Cucurbitaceae or Cucurbiteae.
TypesThere are probably more than five hundred of pumpkins different cultivars. They are divided into five main groups. Summer squash / zucchini, fall pumpkins, winter squash ordinary pumpkins and ornamental gourds.Because this product on the auction still changing rapidly and there are many other codes are marketed under no clear view of the overall product.Cucurbita maxima at auction and C.pepo C.siceraria distinguished. For Cucumis VBN are no separate codes.Cucurbita species is on the auction among the group of ornamental fruit.Among them also besides Cucurbita Capsicum, Actinidia, Citrus, Malus, Punica, Pyrus, Solanum, and Zea.
Care tipsOrnamental Fruit for months to save, if it is fully ripe. In dried form, the fruit very long shelf life. Fall and winter squash can be stored for several months. The harvesting and transportation must be handled with extreme caution if the pumpkins are a little beschadigingentje comes as the pumpkin rot. The shelf life is best if they are late September / early October in his lie with a temperature of 10 degrees.
Ornamental Fruit top 10 cultivars

Ornamental Fruit wreath
Cucurbita pepo
Malus 'Red Sentinel' (branch)
Cucurbita pepo mixed
Zea mays (branch)
Turk's Turban Cucurbita maxima Mix
Malus Other
Zea mays (piece)
Malus (piece)
Cucurbita pepo Jack be Little '
Statement of nameCucurbita is an old Latin name for the pumpkin or gourd.The name pumpkin originated from the Greek word "Pepon" which means "large melon". "Pepon" was later changed to the French "Pompon".The British changed the name "Pompon" back "Pumpion" and eventually American settlers changed the name "Pumpkin" which our "Pumpkin" is.
Key colorsOrange is by far the most important color. But there are countless colors and shapes. Some colors are yellow, green, white or a combination thereof.
Known special day (s)Especially in the fall and Halloween in particular the larger ones especially popular.

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