Wednesday, September 21, 2011

cochin bantam chickens


Cochinkrielen are not miniatures of the big Cochin, they came as Beijing bantams to England.

In proportion, they are fuller and they look like feathered feathers round balls that have a rich foot feathers, with legs almost disappear into the down.

The attitude is prone, hiding is called, the party is higher than the tail head.

They are relatively light weight: 675 to 860 grams

They are resistant to sticking to a limited space because they fly low and barely walk.

One must be careful to not overfeed them, they are prone to obesity.

Perches are placed low in the loft to damage the soft voetveren avoid.

They are zachtvederig and what is in the breeding season down around the vent hole cut in order to facilitate fertilization.

The hens are good layers and good kloekjes.

They have a single comb, red earlobes and the skin is fine facial tissue.

The eyes are reddish brown and the legs are yellow.

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