Monday, September 5, 2011

Construction of a bunker bats

Construction of a bunker or bats bats stay in the gardens Demen

bats stay

In earlier times, often wintering bats in barns and stables. With the disappearance of many farms have disappeared also suitable habitats for the winter. To decrease the population counter are placed at various locations bat caves.
Bunkers were good places for bats to hibernate in his. Dark and fairly constant temperature. The bat caves that are now built, the bunker as a model.

They are partly in the ground and also on the stay, a layer of soil applied. This makes the basement of fairly constant temperature.

There is no door to the accommodation that can easily open and close. It is not intended that people constantly come and go. The rest is undisturbed hibernation important.

The entrance for people is a hatch above a crack in it. The bats go through the crack inside. Also on the bottom is a gap which is intended as input for small aquatic animals that keep their hibernation.

The simple building consists of a number of concrete slabs against each other. The plates of the ceiling are a part of each other as shown in the picture. The gap between the plates is exactly a suitable cavity for the bat to hang. Because bats hang through the winter. After the winter they go out and come back not always in residence. Especially the males can be far from home and sleep or in a tree. In the winter they turn to stay back.

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