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Rabbits in the garden

Rabbits in the garden
Many people keep rabbits in boxes than those in the back of the garden. Sometimes the lucky rabbits and live in a loft with a uitloopren. But the unfortunate of that running is often a travesty that they are for the garden. Often they are ugly.

Rabbits loose in your garden, keep an option. But then you have a plant within a short time left. Rabbits can really chew your garden completely destroyed. Even plants that they do not like to gnaw.

And yet keeping a rabbit addition to your garden. I now have over 12 years a group of rabbits in my garden to live in a spacious run. And also a couple in a smaller run.

Here are the big run from above. The little run is just around the corner behind the shed.

This run consists of a paved area and a count area. Count among that portion is a mesh shell. Only 70 cm into the ground is not enough. I had in the beginning. However, rabbits dig under it easy and then your garden in no time ondertunneld bag and you just went away in some places.

Along the excavation area on the outside of the borders are running. Above the bald area is a pergola made ​​excavation, which is growing bridal veil. This has two advantages.

The rabbits are shaded by a pergola and they love bridal veil. This climbing plant grows very fast so you can often stems afsnoeien for the rabbits. And so that piece of garden interesting again.

Grapes were also good. The leaves they find it delicious. But my garden is on the north is too dark for grapes.

Around the run, the bottom of the garden are 2 mesh shelves above each other. That looks good but also has the function of the sand digging in the run in the run to keep. Otherwise, the plants often buried under the sand.

On the picture below you see the garden shelves well


The photo was taken in spring

The border around the animals, only plants are not toxic to rabbits. For all the leaves that grow through being eaten.

This book contains all the plants that are poisonous

Below is a list of plants that you look around the run can continue.
Bridal Veil - Fallopia auberti
Grape - Vitis
Thornless blackberry and then - Rubus
Heather - Erica
Garden geranium Geranium well as the pot geranium (Pelargonium)
Pachysandra terminalis
Bleeding heart - Dicentra formosa
Lady's mantle - Alchemilla mollis
Violets - Viola
All types of sunflower - Helianthus
apple tree
Red and black currant - Ribes sylvestre, Ribes nigrum

On the picture below shows the small run. Dwell in a castrated and an rammetje voedstertje.
They also have a count area. This pen is completely covered. It is not necessary to keep them from escaping. It has a very different reason. The animals lie, as you see under an apple tree. And an apple on a rabbit head is more than enough so why.

Even in winter is a great run in your garden.

Rabbits are not quickly cold, they have a nice warm winter coat.

These animals live 8 rabbits. Father and mother and six grown children now also. There are 4 males 4 females. The males are castrated, of course.

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