Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chickens in the garden

If you are planning to keep chickens in the garden, there must be well thought!
Do you have a large garden, or a little earlier? This is all the deciding factor for choosing the breed. It goes without saying that in a small garden heavy fowl belong. There are many different chicken breeds, bantam breeds such Chabo, saber leg Bantams, Silkies are varieties that can definitely be held in the smallest gardens.

You can feel free to drop them, they will not poach your borders. But it is possible that they are ugly household, but it usually goes well. This contrary to heavy fowls, which will in no time transform your garden into a real mess!

Planting in a chicken coop:
For the chicken what 'color' can give the chicken plant.
However, if you only poisonous shrubs have or plan to put!
Many trees and shrubs are toxic to chickens, such as Taxus, Buxus, Hedera (ivy).
Plants that are or could be eg: rosemary, Rhododendron, Skimmia, ... these all remain green in winter, always color!

The night-house:
If one chooses to keep chickens, the animals are well cared for.
This must start with a good, decent night-where the animals during the evening to roost during the day and can lay eggs in the nests can.
You can build one yourself, but if you want then the price is often cheaper!
A decent night-cracks and crevices can not, primarily because there are lice than blood draw. Take the night-draft-free, so the chickens do not suffer by it.
In the night-nests should also be ensured, as the hens can lay their eggs every day and even breed!

What you should know when they buy is what the animals eat animals.
Most people think that with the chicken corn forages. Is not true.
Grain is moderate given to me, this I do a handful of times a day.
If basic food here is legkorrel given, it is thought that this is to force the hens to lay. No, it is a food where everything is what a chicken needs, with of course a small stimulus to increase leg. As a "dessert" you can give a handful of grain.
You should not give too much grain because the birds 'fat' out. This is in contrary with green waste or table scraps.
The chickens will eat anything in no time.
With proper nutrition and care can meet your chickens a long life, and you have lots of fun.


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