Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chickens: vermin

red mites, scale leg mites, lice and fleas in chicken fightChickens and their pests!
Aphids, mites and mite lime leg these are just a few insects that can infest chickens!
Regular monitoring of aphids and mites on animals is needed.
Chickens keep himself clean through it with the beak and the feathers arranged to settle a sand bath with dry sand nenen.
Hens with a crest, you can brush with soap and water and then dry thoroughly and well-fats with olive oil or Vaseline. We repeat this every week. Is convenient to use is the 'Bird Spray Bogena of the crests to keep clean.
In chickens with a beard that come with their beaks can not clean them we find lice. In the vent area can often lice and eggs or nits found. Small mites houses that sometimes, as in the wings.
It is important that we use to fight innocent preparations not hurt the chicken.
There are special poultry insect powders in the market and has an embattled animals three times, each one week in between powder it well.
Lice and nits are thus slain before they can reproduce themselves.After a treatment against the mite that causes calcium legs are the legs smooth again.
Lime Leg:
Chalk-like scabs on their legs, legs ... called lime, lime caused by a small mite that lives under the leg scales and propagates.
It is routine for these parasites to detect and control it.
An obvious treatment that works:
What do you need?

Old toothbrush
Udder Cream or vaseline
How do I start it?

Make sure your chicken legs with the lime mite can stop and catch between arm and abdomen. (This works for the vervlotten)
Then take one leg and it lubricates the udder cream or Vaseline on it.
And go with the old toothbrush on the accused cream and rubs back and forth over the affected leg lime.
All this must be repeated every day until the interference disappeared.
This can take up to three weeks but the treatment is also incredibly friendly and efficient!

Red bird mites or mite:
The chickens will rarely die from external parasites, but the red bird mites in the loft is nestled by blood loss, the chickens loose and pale.
These mites also called red mites, can reproduce very quickly and stay during the day in crevices in the loft and under the seats or perches.
Regular monitoring of individual perches is also necessary to prevent this scourge. Experienced breeders smell the sickly scent of red mites. The cage must be thoroughly cleaned.
The chickens are to be sure everyone with an insect spray poultry handled and temporarily placed outside the loft.
All the individual parts of the loft are cleaned with Lysol or bleach water solution.
The loft is now sprayed with anti-bird mites, there are liquids and powders on the market. These remedies may not be used on the chicken.
Nests and especially not forgetting the perches and brackets, seams and cracks have a turn.

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