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Chicken Izegem cuckoo

Izegem cuckoo: an old breed of chicken with good meat and legeigenschappen.
The Izegem cuckoo


Already in 1554 there was the work of Aldernardiana talk of Izegem.

How 'Kiekens Yseghem of "just looked at that time is not clear, nor how they originated. Around 1900 people in the region of Izegem clearly working on the processing of a very old breed. Photos from that period show clearly the wildlife with the appearance of Izegem cuckoo as we know it today. It was the first flowering of Izegem cuckoo. The First World War, however, causes that all efforts offset. After the second world war there for years no longer the Izegem to be in the 70s began to rebuild the breed.


The Izegem offers a wide range of enviable qualities. It is known that the Izegem cuckoo quality meat producer is like no other, combining a good lay. The animals mature to get one should count on 7 to 8 months, depending on whether hens or roosters. The delicate meat can certainly have tasted at an earlier age. The hens start to lay at the age of 7 to 8 months. Very characteristic is that they can defy the legs a good winterleg persevere. On average each year 150 bruinschalige 65 to 68 grams of eggs laid. After winterleg, most females already breeding in March. A sitting hen can hatch eggs with ease 15. The Izegem is particularly strong and vital but also very quiet and confidential in nature. The animals have a small enough space. A fence height of 1 meter is largely sufficient for the animals to keep their animals because they do little fly.


Izegem the Cuckoo is a pretty large meat chicken with a rose comb. The standard provides a target weight of 3.5 kg to 4 kg for a young and an old rooster on.

For them young 3 kg. and indicated a overjaarse 3.5 kg.

The tail of the Cuckoo Izegem is little developed and is nearly horizontal. The body is fairly rectangular in shape with a long wide back that is flat between the shoulders and horizontal. The chest is broad, somewhat upright, well-worn and well-fleshed forward. The legs are onbevederd and white, and the mouth.


Only one color variety is recognized, namely. cuckoo.

In cuckoo colored animals each spring blurry cross banded with alternating dark gray and light gray-white. In general, males lighter because the light cross bands are wider than the feathers in the hen. The Izegem cuckoo is a pretty rare meat chicken.
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