Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week of fruit and vegetables

Become Flandrien with tasty vegetables
Our country is absolutely under the spell of the spring classics. The starting signal is given, the riders, cycling fans experienced the glory days. Everyone grabs a bike and young and old stabbing a mile.In the sector of fruit and vegetables, people under the spell of the spring classics. The Week of Fruits and Vegetables (21 to 27 March 2011) will be launched for spring and summer days that are full of blushing fruit and crunchy vegetables. The first months were used. A new season beckons. And everyone, young and old, benefit from the freshest offer to you later, "a masterpiece" to stabbing.For fresh fruits and vegetables: that's just energy for the real Flandrien!
Fresh fruit and vegetables: that's just energy

Fresh fruit and vegetables: that's just energyWeek of March 21 to 27 Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and Vegetables: More is better!
The campaign has not won its spurs. The entire fruit and vegetable sector began in 2008 with the campaign "All Day Long", led by FLAME, so consumers 'temptation' to a higher consumption of fruits and vegetables. The campaign runs for three years (end August 2011).
Week Fruit and Vegetable at the beginning of spring is an important part. An excellent timing, moreover, the first vegetables that are then in full swing. The start of the outdoor season, the many initiatives start-to-run to run, and, recently, the attention from the Flemish Government for healthy food in the context of the fight against obesity and diabetes, ... make fruits and vegetables obviously are in the spotlight.Target audience is mainly the young ones: and that means that young parents, schools, businesses and associations hot spots in the campaign.
A study showed that the campaign not only understood but also successful. The figures of consumption were significantly increased: 35% of respondents bought more fruits and vegetables and during the last 12 months increased the volume purchased fruit and vegetables by up to 26% with respect to the reference year 2006.Kim Gevaert was the figurehead of the campaign: a young and athletic image, a young mother and little known to anyone with a heart for the sport.And even doctors know that people encourage healthy eating is not the "imposition" of a diet, but by intrinsic motivation, their own choice. It is therefore extremely important from childhood to create fun with fruits and vegetables! Nutrition education is 90% motivation and 10% information. So right about 'All Day Long "!
The Prima Vera of firsts!
A new spring, a new sound. You could say if you just put the teeth in a young root, so your fingers. Slowly comes the first season started: the notes of a promising spring and a healthy active summer.The conservatory asparagus, radish flowers, lettuce and young carrots, scallions, hop sprouts, peppers, baby spinach and cucumber ... make it fun to bid farewell to winter. Colorful vitamins and minerals on the board provide a welcome culinary variety. An aperitif in style with spring carrots and cucumber sticks in a dip, a cocktail of juices including tomato, cucumber, carrot, celery and spring onion ... and suddenly life is different.
A perfect way to take advantage of our biorhythm that with the increase of the light is still active. Action means good nutrition and energy demands. So it sought to supply the necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber without the caloric intake drastically increase. This is tailor made for the first many vegetables that initially the shelves and then - with big smile - the vegetable drawer of our refrigerator storage or filling.
And the first thing about vegetables is that a 'first' is. The first tasting. Because soon followed, and much more ...
What science is telling ...
Eating fruit and vegetables not only gives us a huge chunk of our daily nutritional needs but they are also a good investment for health. It is recommended daily 300 g of vegetables and 2-3 servings of fruit to eat.
More and more studies show that a sufficiently high intake of fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease decreased. Eat enough vegetables and fruit also makes a positive contribution to the prevention of other health problems such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and constipation.
An increase in fruit and vegetable consumption of 200 g per day lowers overall cancer risk by 4%. On some forms of cancer have vegetables and / or fruit significantly more effective than others. Variation remains the message. There are so many delicious fruits and vegetables that would be a shame not all agree to taste.Fruit and vegetables are rich in essential nutrients which today often prevent deficiencies (eg vitamin C, folate, potassium, dietary fiber). The best remedy to combat shortages and chronic diseases is not resorting to supplements but balanced and varied diet, according to the guidelines of the active food. That means more fruits and vegetables and plenty of variations within the wide range.

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