Friday, September 2, 2011

Quince Cydonia oblonga

Fruit: keeper of Cydonia oblonga
Cydonia oblonga - quince
Family: Rose family - Rosaceae
Bloom Color: White
Flowering month: May, June
Leaf color: green
Height: 4 to 6 m
Evergreen: Deciduous
Hardiness: hardy
Location: Sun, Partial shade
Type of plant: Deciduous Tree
Special Features: Vegetables, fruits Notable
   fruits of quinces
Habitat: Normal soil, moist soil

The quince (Cydonia oblonga) you know from southern Europe and the famous kweepeerjam, but also in our country, the quince has grown since Roman times.

The hard fruit (harvested in October) can apple or pear shape, they are just cooked edible (and delicious sauce is very good in applesauce), and as they mature a golden yellow color. The 15 cm sized fruit smells delicious. Kweepeerbomen let themselves easily lead.

quinces can from mid September to late October are picked.
The fruit of the quince smell delicious and can be used for various preparations such as compotes, jams, marmalade, jelly, juice, cakes, wines and liqueurs.

They like sun and moist soil. Good varieties include 'Champion', 'Portugal' and 'Vranja. They flower with large pink flowers 5 cm in May-June.
Many hawthorn rootstock grafted on quince.

Flowering in May, June
Pruning Month in March

The fruit is large and apple-shaped and is 2 months. Self-pollinating.

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