Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Plants also have their feelings

Do plants so their feelings?
That plant life that is nothing new but that they would have feelings is perhaps less well known.In tests by scientists showed indisputably that plants do react to actions by man. Around the world are testing out which one attaches electrodes to the plant. If the plant is damaged then, is clearly on the equipment to read.
200 years ago scientists would have found that we are very sensitive plants can recognize who it good for them and who is wrong. Not only Charles Darwin, but Goethe himself with the inner life of plants occupied. It is then already established that detachment and routinely handle their life eventually decreases. Under no circumstances may a plant just a nice room decoration or filling that only once a week, loveless water with food in it are given.
It was in 1966 that the botanist Cleve Backster, an American, the magazine of the Philodendron alliance with a "lie detector" to measure the electrical conductivity of the leaves as the water from the roots to the leaves go. The results were extraordinary: all experiments with a plant in some way violated, the result was that the needle on the gauge bright uitsloeg. When he was considering a leaf of this plant to burn, the measurement showed a sharp peak.
Subsequently, the tests on bulbs, lettuce, oranges and bananas exported. This also gave each the same or very similar confirmatory results. All plants responded to pleasant or dangerous situations.Sir Jagdis Chandler Bose repeated the experiments of Backster and that ... same patterns. George Bernard Shaw was deeply touched when he experienced a laboratory, a cabbage violent convulsions when they got was boiled. Even stronger is the event where the electrodes had been attached but no experiments were performed. For some reason the meters gave readings already. People thought first technical failures, until someone from the research team found that the vast lawns outside the lab were mowed! When it was the man who was working early to stop, the meters were shut! Every time he went back there was panic among the plants in the laboratory.
From the above it appears at any rate clear that plants are feeling and responding to events in their environment. Therefore it is not hard to understand that they also respond to music. Classical music and quiet stimulate growth very clearly. In contrast, the plants that are under study were exposed to a sharp, aggressive music at the end of the study period visibly stressed and less measurable. They flourish spectacularly good as they are cared for in a friendly manner and if there is a good mood. Obviously, these positive forces known only to reflect, as well as the basic conditions for good growth are met. Without it the most tender treatment is not successful.
The plants apparently love of conviviality. It is they seem to matter whether they stay or among peers in the company of people. For example, plants grow better as their babysitter home. Perhaps that accounts for the fact that plants solitary not want to do so well. The researchers need to get the most from your plants and they speak not forget to stroke the leaves. A strange approach, but obviously with very good results.
Incredibly, the outcome of the investigation into Backster wanted to discover whether plants might even have thought. An employee of Backster, who did not know for the test plants, test plants was commissioned some rough handling and damage to apply. Several strangers had passed a few hours later, the damaged plants pass. Reacted to the plants. When passed Assistant crude were suddenly very strong reactions from the plants observed. Even plants that had experienced the crimes as witnesses responded. This was a clear evidence about the feel of a plant.
Most researchers who framers these phenomena by their colleagues seriously. Still, she has not applying their research results in order to make the unknown life of the plant a small step forward.Now that you have read all this you may be a slightly more classical music turn on, albeit as an excuse but it's good for your houseplants. In any case, if you start chopping and weeding, but there is not too bad with it.

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