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Shrub pruning: methods, time, tips, pruning tools, info

Shrub Pruning: timing, method and tips

According to a survey conducted earlier in ± 2400'll find gardeners in more than 80% of the boxwood gardens at somewhere.
It is a plant with different qualities. Perhaps the most important asset of the box is that the plant remains evergreen. This very compact, closed and dark green boxwood hedges are again ideal for edging of flower beds. By planting boxwood hedges get your year-round evergreen structure in the garden. You can of course make such structures in the garden with evergreen privet or Lonicera, but you must prune or more often as they grow much faster than the beloved box. Boxwood does not grow as quickly, making it ideal for low growing plants and hedges to form figures, spheres, cones and spirals.

 To obtain clean and tight, you need the boxwood hedges still at least two times a year to prune. Buxus tolerate pruning very well and is on the old branches produce new sprouts. If you repeatedly prune boxwood, this fuller, firmer and better off because the branches are pruned branch.Prune your only concern then once you have a loose, less sturdy plant that in winter the snow can not bear leaving the buxusbol branches can break or hedge.
From late May to late June is the ideal place to introduce your boxwood pruning. The second can shave quite follow from mid August to mid September. In any event well before the winter makes its appearance, so the box is still a satisfactory recovery. Moreover, given the new shoots after pruning the latter formed the time to adequately lignify before it starts to freeze. Herbaceous young twigs at the first frost will freeze which does not provide nice winter view.
For cutting box awaits your best on a cloudy day to prevent combustion phenomena. After your boxwood hedge pruning, the branches and leaves open wounds in warm weather through which water can evaporate. The upper leaves dry out and wither and brown colors what the box a lot less beautiful. Not growing as quickly as boxwood will take quite a while before the back fence is beautiful.

Damage (= leaf burn) to the boxwood hedge after pruning with a searing SunThe damaged leaves will fall after a few weeks after giving you some time on a hedge with bare tops look. It does not look pretty, but the box itself can not hurt and after a few weeks, new bright green shoots and leaves emerge.
To snijwondes as intact as possible, use a well sharpened manual hedge trimmer. It goes without saying that the wounds using an electric motor or hedge shears will be coarser. This can be a bit like riding down like grass with a reel mower that cuts the grass compared with a rotary mower grass stalls. Nevertheless, professionals who do the gardening shears hedge engine usually use for shaving boxwood hedges. Boxwood hedges Massifs and you can not only much faster shave with a motor hedge shears, but it is also convenient to take a straight line to hold. However, some of them use a hedge shears they only for shaving box so that is always very sharp. It goes without saying that hedge trimmers who have served much to shave coarse hedges such as Aucuba, Taxus, Prunus laurocerasus (cherry laurel ),... not as sharp knives and have therefore pruning wounds are coarser.

manual hedge shears
For the shave you spray then remove the box so the scissors even more smoothly through the branches can slide. This is better for your arms and also prevents burning of the clipped peaks.If the sun day after shaving still very intense and bright you can still cover the box with a fleece.Long hedges it is best to shave with an electric hedge shears or a motor that is well put (sharp). This provides a very nice and tight result.
If pruning tools in addition to the manual, you can use an electric hedge trimmer or a motor hedge shears or a special shrub shear (sheep shaving scissors). In order to prune boxwood forms you can use a regular scissors or secateurs long as it is sharp so that your gift pruning obtained surfaces.

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