Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eternal purée or sometimes old wives cabbage, duizendkop, splits or poor man's vegetable cabbage called

Eternal cabbage purée or splits, old cabbage!
Splitting Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. Acephala)

Eternal purée or sometimes old wives cabbage, duizendkop, splits or poor man's vegetable cabbage is called a lesser known vegetable that one of the oldest cabbage belongs.
The light to dark green leaves are densely planted but are unlike any other cabbage crops, cabbages, but a crop of loose leaves. Who wants this carbon process can harvest as needed so the plant can grow. She is also excellent for all animals that need a little bit of green food such as chickens, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, etc.


The split with no additional carbon can be propagated cuttings problems.
Take a few jars on hand and filled it with an airy seed and cutting soil.
Then you cut kopstekken of about 5 to 7 cm.
Make sure no leaves are left in the ground, it increases the chance of rot.
Watering and covering through a mini greenhouse or conservatory.
After one week, the cuttings have to strike root and grow abundantly.

Eternal purée or split your cabbage preferably in half shaded place.
Full sun may indeed lead to burning.
A well-drained soil with adequate organic fertilizers and compost is ideal.

The growth of nuclear fuel carbon is highly dependent on soil type and location.
A soil that meets all requirements of the plant sets and also permeable, will the whole growing only benefit.
Plants, from April, May, where the cabbage then the whole summer to grow undisturbed.
In dry periods, irrigation is important as ever pulp a superficial root system is.


Kool split or ever will have little or puree never going to bloom.
In dry and hot summers can be times when the plants still in bloom. Noteworthy is that the plant heavily in growth will decline.

Living by vegetables?
Eternal purée is not frost sensitive and vegetables can grow undisturbed. The plant will always grow back year after year.
Cabbage which grows continuously splitting can be up to 40 years!
After some time, the rupture of the plant necessary to ensure new and stronger growth.

This old cabbage can be perfectly incorporated into the kitchen.
Harvest a few leaves and boil it as red or white cabbage.
The typical cabbage taste is strongly accentuated in their processing.
Even animals such as rabbits, chickens and birds like the green leaf!
They contain many vitamins and strengthen the immune system.

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