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Name: Beta vulgaris rubra L.
Dutch name: beetroot
Family: Chenopodiaceae
Other names used (see B. v. var.rubra)

Plant Description:
Red beets are biennial plants, which are grown for the first year of tubers, swollen, edible roots. The shape of the tuber can be round or oblong and pointed.Location:
No beet breeding on a freshly fertilized soil. An early crop can be grown on well drained, light, fertile soil. But a subsequent crop is not so demanding. An open sunny spot designated.Sowing and planting:
Beet seeds are actually fruits with two or three seeds in cork-like boxes. In order to accelerate the germination of the seeds you can for an hour before sowing soak.
Sowing is done in two inch deep trenches seed. Sow at a distance two times closer than the final spacing. So thin out if necessary. Try to sow a good moist soil (even by two days prior to water the soil well). Spread the grooves closed with moist soil and press lightly with the hand or bottom of a heel. Keep in mind that it takes two weeks before you've turnout.In dry periods can you cover them with burlap bags or pieces of cloth and pouring water over them. That way you avoid that strikes the ground and make sure that you ground a few hours later, again not dried out. Be on time in order to remove the cover, ie, once the plant comes up first. Do this most evenings.Fertilization:
About 60 grams per square meter compound fertilizer is ample 12.10.18. Work the fertilizer thoroughly ground and put it up at least one week in advance. If not possible, use an organic fertilizer compound.Care tips:
Too early sowing in the open air creates two problems. Firstly, the soil temperature is too low for proper germination. Conversely, a low-temperature beet spread too quickly to flower stalk formation proceed, so hurry. To avoid this you can beet plants under glass, rear and mid-April planting. Do it in pots, as beetroot is very difficult to pricking or transplanting bare root. The cultivation temperature is moderate, ie about 15 ° C.Pests and diseases:
Beetroot is a very strong plant can be grown free from the disease.Harvesting:
Start time all that red beet harvest, harvested young, they are much more tender. On average you can count on a growing period of three to four months maximum.Store:
When beets for storage turn the leaves to damage the growing point sin. Are stored at low temperatures just above zero, and by ensuring that they do not dry out. You can do this by storing in moist sand boxes.Recipe: BEET SALADNo 'kleurling' kitchen without beet salad, but others like to eat.
1 beetroot (cooked)1 small onionpeppersaltpinch of sugarvinegar or lemon juice
Peel the beetroot and cut into slices. Chop the onion finely and mix with beetroot, pepper, salt and sugar. Drizzle with vinegar or lemon juice.Country: South Africatype of dish: salad

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