Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hedgehogs hibernate help with their home rule

Hedgehogs begin their hibernation when the cold season comes. The food gets up. When they wake up (± April) there will be plenty of food. Hedgehogs are the only true hibernators in the insect eaters.
In the months preceding the hibernating hedgehog has a lot of food to be taken so fat he has to get through hibernation. The hedgehog curls up in November / December and goes to sleep. He feeds off its fat reserves. His body temperature drops from ± 35 ° C ± 5.0 ° C, heart rate drops to ± 9 bpm and respiration goes to ± 3 times per minute. A hedgehog in the middle of winter are woken up will die and his body temperature will rise about reserves are all addressed. He does not have enough food to be consumed energy replenishment.

Here you can see step by step how you can make a hedgehog house. See you do not really sit in one myself stabbing each other, then you can always buy a hedgehog house

Making a hedgehog house:

step 1

Create two rectangles with shelves and screw attached to each other.
The size is not important but are frames of 60 x 100 cm.

step 2

Make the top closed with plastic, here are black
agriculture and use double plastic stapled.


step 3

Make all sides closed with old boards.

step 4

An opening of 15x15 concern for the entrance.

step 5

A walk-way of about 60 cm where the hedgehog doorkan.


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