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Spring Flowering Trees

Spring-flowering trees spring to announce
Blossom Splendor in the spring
When the cherry trees bloom or beautiful, it’s really spring. A full flowering tree in spring is as impressive as all fields crocuses, daffodils and other flowers. A flowering magnolia tree against a blue sky is breathtaking. Early last century there were three essential types of trees in a garden, a magnolia, a sierkers cedar and gray. The beauty of the trees gave, you can now relive in new forms that fit well in small gardens. The following trees have flowers have something in common: you have little to do once you’ve planted them. Pruning is hardly necessary (only remove frost damage)

Hanami – cherry blossom festival Japanese
Late March / early April in Japan the cherry blossom (sakura). This explosion of color as a national celebration. They meet in a mass picnic in the parks under the flowering trees. Japanese symbol for the short, exuberant bloom wealth and transience of life. We enjoy it even without this symbolism no less.
Some flowery ideas
Cherry (Prunussen) come in dozens of shapes and they bloom in April incredibly wealthy (and often in May) with white, light yellow, pink, lilac or purple flowers. Some are shrubs, sometimes real pedigrees. The choice is yours. Very beautiful is the acclaimed weeping form Prunus serrulata ‘Kiku-shidare “already in early April rose blooms with hot pink flowers. A close relative is the famous P serrulata ‘Kanzan’, which blooms later and as well as logs and shrub is grown (the latter to 10 m high). The elegant vase shape of the crown branches is very typical. Also ‘Kanzan’ rich and pink flowers. “Amanogawa ‘grows from a slender columnar shape and very light pink flowers (geurend!). “Taihaku ‘is a big shrub that already in early April with huge white flowers bloom.
Many species of magnolia
Perhaps the most famous group of fake beaver or dogwood trees, like the fabulous flowering magnolias are also called, is the Magnolia soulangeana Group. They are large shrubs or small trees to 5 to 8 m high and they bloom (April-May) with masses of large, upright, bell-shaped flowers on bare branches. Very nice example ‘Lennei Alba’ and ‘Amabilis’ (both white), the small remaining ‘Genie’ (3 m, red hot!) And lots of pink flowers, such as Brozzoni “and” sundew.

A beautiful, the Judas tree Judas tree (Cercis) are a genus of seven species of deciduous trees from Europe, China and North America. One of the most beautiful is the new Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’, a beautiful, roodbladige Judas tree (soft velvety red in the course of the season is a bit greener) that eventually about 3 meters high. In April-May appear beautiful, pink, edible flowers on the still bare branches. The flowers taste slightly sour. Delicious in a salad. This tree (also suitable as espalier) with its special color always attracts attention. Ideal as a solitary and suitable for any size garden. Plant it in a sunny, sheltered spot in well drained soil.
More flowering trees
In April-May bloom among other things: ornamental apples (Malus), the beautiful snowflakes tree (Halesia carolina), the Anna Pavlovna tree (Paulownia tomentosa) with large, blue flowers, cherry trees like the white flowered Amelanchier arborea ‘Robin Hill’, chestnuts: nice the Aesculus x carnea red flowering ‘Aureomarginata “with gilt-edged blade.
April Garden Tips
Mowing the lawn.
Moss in the lawn fight.
Box hedges cut.
Balcony boxes ready.
Perennials clean and run after a loss due to frost.
Pruning shrubs.

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