Monday, April 16, 2012

Abies koreana Korean fir or a fine, slow growing conifer for small gardens or as solitary plants

General description of Abies koreana – Korean Fir
Latin name: Abies koreana
Dutch name: Korean fir / den Korean / Korean fir

Family: Pinaceae (pine family)
Leaf color: green, gray / silver
Height: 2 to 4 m
Evergreen: Evergreen
Hardiness: hardy
Location: Sun, partial shade
Crop type: conifer
Special Features: Striking purple cones, leaves striking
Habitat: Normal Soil
This fir is as the name suggests comes from the mountains of the southern tip of South Korea. Abies koreana is a prominent member of the fir family.
A stately, pyramidal, slow growing conifer that an adult height of 6 meters can achieve. The striking autumn purple upright cones are already large amounts of young firs are present. The 2 inch short, flat and soft-touch needles are towards the top and wider at the bottom while the top silver shiny green. The evergreen feature, combined with the fine needles and cones, this beautiful Korean fir is a very decorative plant. The beautiful Korean fir is the slow growth is ideal for smaller gardens and even in a planter on the patio or balkon.en is usually solitary focal planted. After ten years it is usually not higher than 2.5 meters.
On the ground are few requirements, but as well the water evaporates nutritious and slightly acidic. The Korean fir example, can not thrive in a rich clay and wet soils.
It is a very beautiful plant as a backdrop to the heather garden.
Qualities such as Christmas tree:
Very good needle retaining tree.
Abies Koreana is a beautifully shaped Christmas tree that almost no loss of needles in the living room. The soft needles are bright green and have a silvery white underside, giving the tree a very decorative value. During the Christmas period have these firs are often beautiful purple blue cones. Unlike most other pines, we find that even back upward cones on young, small specimens of only 1 meter high. The cut branches lose their needles and cones are so like the ideal Christmas decorations and for making Christmas pieces.

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