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Araucaria araucana of slangeden, apeboom

Araucaria araucana is also slang oaths, or apeboom apeverdriet mentioned.
Hose Eden / Apeboom or Araucaria araucana
Monkey puzzle tree, Chilean pine (English)
Desespoir du singe (French)
Araukarie, Ande Tanne, Affenschwanzbaum (German)
Araucariaceae – eden snake family

The snake oaths, an evergreen conifer, sometimes we see in front gardens, once planted as a status symbol. He is not what you’d call a friendly tree, on the contrary: he makes an enemy that impressed with his stiff, hard serpentine branches and leaf-like needles that can hurt you if you touch them. Yet it is an interesting tree, because he hears as the giant sequoia (Sequoia and Metasequoia), the oldest living plants from prehistoric times.
Origin Araucaria araucana
The snake oaths by the botanist Archibald Menzies from Chile (the southern part of the Andes) to Europe. There he is twice that in forests with us (to 50m). He is also native to Australia, New Guinea, Caledonia and Norfolk Island. It grows there in rainy mountains with high humidity on nutrient-rich soil. In 1990 the serpent oaths by the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture declared a national monument.
naming Araucaria
The name is derived from Aurauco araucaria, a region in central Chile, where the Indians live Araucani.
plant Characteristics
The hose may oaths us reach a height of 25 meters. Those are the female trees, because most men reach 18 m. The broad, open pyramidal crown is composed of main branches in whorls standing. In older trees is more rounded top, the trunk free of branches. The older branches hang down while the branches in the crown tilted up position.
The needles were egg-to lanceolate, leathery, glossy green with a very sharp point. They stand close together, overlapping each spiral ronddom the twig.
The male flowers are cylindrical with many stamens standing spiral.
The female flowers are large, round, veelschubbige inflorescences that are raised up, brown spherical cones (like coconut) develop occupied with sharp scales. In the second or third year after flowering the mature cones are set.
The bark is gray-brown, strongly bent at the bottom and looks a bit like an elephant leg.
When the hose oaths to his sense, he is every year a new floor.
Araucaria species
There are 19 known species of pine snake.
Higher (up to 35 m) than the known snake oaths, is Araucaria bidwillii, native to Australia. Its cones are large and heavy (up to 8 kg). He was also an Bunya Bunya, False Monkey Puzzle Tree of-Tree called.
Location Araucaria
The snake grows oaths on all well drained soils and humid. He likes a sunny spot and is a slow grower.

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