Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Types of trees: Abies nordmanniana or Nordmann fir

Latin name: Abies nordmanniana
Dutch name: Nordmann-saving / Caucasian Zilverden / Crimean Fir
Family, for family (Pinaceae)
Leaf color: green
Height: 10 m above
Evergreen: Evergreen / evergreen
Hardiness: Good Hard Winter
Location: Sun, partial shade
CROP type: conifer / conifer
Habitat: Normal Soil
The dark green, shiny needles naaldval care very little. Think he does this saving as ever planned to buy later in the garden that can later be dead leg 20 meters high.
Importe Abies nordmanniana earth is named after the Finnish botanist Alexander von Nordmann, 1838 in the conifer green in Western Europe.
This is the best and almost the most beautiful Christmas tree ever formed to buy but can be several advantages. It is a very shapely tree with the soft, not so good piercing needles fail than not. One other advantage is that the firm branches without bending Christmas heavier bales, drag garlands and other Christmas decorations can.

A Disadvantage is the higher of the purchase price we ask for this Christmas. This is because the Caucasian fir much slower growth, while growing rapidly twice as long than the normal Christmas spruce (Picea abies) after the Christmas season you are planting the Nordmann Fir in the garden and the slow growth can them several months reuse as a Christmas tree for the living room.
The thin, flat needles are 2 to 3.5 cm long and 2 mm wide with a blunt Tip How they do not sting.

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