Saturday, January 7, 2012

Planting of fruit trees (pear). Flowering and pollination?

Pear trees are pollinated by insects. Cross-pollination is usually necessary. The large, white flowers appear in clusters on short perennial shoots.
Flowering time: the first half of April. By the early flowering time is some years of spring frost damage, with flowers partially or fully frozen. See also article on pollination pear varieties.

Pear trees are suitable for large and small gardens. Some species and varieties are also suitable for the ornamental garden. Especially the apple pear or Asian pear sand is very beautiful!

Choice varieties of pears and picking time:

The easiest and most productive varieties are 'Conference', 'Comtesse de Paris' Concorde', 'Bonne Louise d'Avranches'​​,' Durondeau 'and' Uta '. Let fruitful and difficult to cut the 'Beurre Hardy' and 'Doyenne du Comice'.

Summer pears (Clapp's Favourite, precoce the Trévoux) ripen in August, autumn pears (Triomphe de Vienne, Double Flip, Beurre Hardy) in September. More info see pear picking time and harvest survey several pear varieties
Recommend winter pears / store pears include "Comtesse de Paris' and 'Josephine de Malines'

See "Storage of apples and pears"
Interesting pear varieties because of their regular production and / or because of their low disease susceptibility.

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