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Fruit trees: Apple trees plants (Malus domestica).

Meaning scientific name:The genus name comes from Malus 'malum' and this is the Latin word for apple, fruit tree.The species designation means domestica domestic, indigenous, (cultivated) (Latin domus = house).
The apple tree is native to Europe.Tolerant fungus / disease tolerant apple varieties (Malus domestica):

Some apple varieties are well suited for fans, because they are less susceptible to fungal diseases such as scabies and some mildew. Sprays are usually unnecessary.
Current apple varieties found in the fruit shop can buy are usually not / less suitable for lovers, because of their large disease susceptibility. (Eg 'Golden Delicious', 'Granny Smith', ..) The most important fungal diseases are scab, powdery mildew (white rot) and canker.
Scab-tolerant varieties are sometimes susceptible to mildew. Varieties scab tolerant and less or very little susceptible to mildew, "Nela" "Rayka ',' Rubinola ',' Topaz ',' Rebella ',' Reka ', (' Reglindis '),' Relinda ',' Cidor" , 'Juliane', 'Golden Resistant', 'Hibernal', ('Such non Peas Good'), 'Remo', 'Red star apple', 'Discovery'.
A disadvantage of these varieties is that they are harder to find. Some breeds are very old, others are very new and may not freely be increased.
The RGF varieties (so-called "old apple varieties Gembloux") are generally well tolerant / resistant to disease and are almost in every region for sale.
Pollination of apple trees (Malus domestica):Cross-pollination.

Most apple varieties are cross-pollination * is required.
One must then at least two apple varieties and plant both varieties have a good quality pollen.
Where a race has bad pollen, it must be a third race (with good pollen drift) in plants.

Cross-pollination usually produces thicker and more fruit.
Characteristics of a good pollinator.

A good pollinator must provide sufficient pollen (annually) and must occur simultaneously with the other race flourish.
Hot and dry weather are ideal for good pollination.
Late-flowering varieties are generally less susceptible to spring frost.
Some self pollinators (self-pollinating)

Some good self-apple varieties * (S) that sometimes (very) sensitive disease:
Malus domestica 'Benoni', 'Bloemeezoet', 'Some Bellefleur "(Brabant)," Groninger Kroon', ('James Grieve'),
"Mantet", "lame Küchenapfel '(syn.' Mank's Codlin '),' Odin ',' Summerred ',' Vista Bella ',' Tzigane 'and' Sweet Crown.
In hot weather during flowering is more likely to have a good self-pollination.

Overview scab tolerant apple varieties acc. harvesting and use period:


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