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A peach tree fits in large and small gardens! Curl Disease is a problem with some peach varieties. (Prunus persica).

1. Botanical classification of peaches and nectarines:

One can see the peach (Prunus persica) is generally in two large groups: normal, hairy peach fruit and non-fruit peach hairy or smooth peaches (Nectarine, briool).
There are also crosses of apricot and peach: Apriot, Peachcot, pluot,.

 family onderfamilie

- Family: Rosaceae Rozenfamilie
- Onderfamilie: pruimachtigen Prunoideae-steen fruit-achtigen 

ordinary peach
Scientific name: Prunus persica (syn. P. persica var. Vulgaris, P. vulgaris, Amygdalus persica L.)
Dutch name: Common-peach (peach-haired)
Esperanto: persiko

Prunus persica var. nucipersica (syn. P. persica var. laevis)
Nectarine, Nectarijn (of gladde-perzik) (briool, brugnolen)
Esperanto: nektarino

Meaning scientific name:

The genus Prunus is an old Latin name of plants with reference to the cherry and plum, plum tree. All stone fruits (plum, peach, apricot, cherry) wear as genus Prunus.
The species designations mean persica Persian; afk.uit Persia (Iran). It was thought that the peach came from Iran or Persia. (According to other sources, the peach however come from China.).
The name vulgare (vulgaris) means general; plain; common.
Nuciperisca has two possible meanings: 1) derived from nudi (naked); hairless skin 2) of nuci (note), a stone as big as a nut
Laevis means smooth or bare; referring to the smooth and bare fruit peel
Read more about the etymological meaning and explanation of Latin plant names: "ABC of Latin plant. Meaning of botanical names"

2. Peach trees make high demands on the plant site

- Peach trees grow best in a well drained soil, which is not very sensitive to late spring frosts.

- Peach trees bear not too cold or wet soils.

- They like to grow in a sunny, warm place.

- Not plants called "frost pockets" (Low plot, where the cold from the environment going down)

- Peach trees are suitable as leif diamond against a wall or fence.

Against one wall is usually nutrient poor soil. Try as extracted soil improvement with some rotted manure or digested VFG compost. The space between the wall (fence) and stem should not be too small. Keep surely 20-25 cm from the wall.
Plant the tree too deep and keep the graft well above the ground.

To keep the soil structure and good regrowth after planting will take you to a mulch layer of rotted manure, compost or mushroom compost (mushroom). This also prevents the soil from drying and improves the soil.

3. Which peach rootstock choose our soil?

- On light soils board is usually a peach seedling as rootstock on. (Prunus persica)

- At slightly heavier or heavier soils board as one rootstock plum rootstock Prunus domestica insititia 'St. Juliën A '.

     Planting distances for peach trees:

Low Strain: 5 x 4 m Rootstock 'St.Julien A'.
Halfstam: 6 x 5 m (St.Julien A) or 8 x 6 m (Seedling)
Tall: 8 x 6 m (Seedling rootstock)
4. Fruit tree pruning the first year:

     Peach Prune at planting

If you buy a peach tree, this will usually annuals geoculeerde tree. After planting you cut off all the young twigs, a few centimeters after. The tree will later slip and nice naturally anticipate. When you eject choose 3 or 4 shoots that are nicely spaced. So do you get 3-4 main branches, which grow wider, with an open crown. The advantage here is that you can benefit from lower later. The regrowth is thus much better.

     Pruning during the summer of the first year of growth

The peach-laterals, which in their turn branch, gives you always rugscheuten away and only the shoots are kept. This drawing is already done in the summer. Also make sure always that the verlengenis only 1 sprig continues, ie, the competitors must remove. See also "Fruit ABC pruning calendar"

5.Rasoverzicht peach acc. Harvest time:

Good peach varieties (types) for our climate, "Rote Ingelheimer '(early)," Reine des Vergers', 'Red Haven' (yellow flesh), 'Charles Ingouf', 'Darling', 'Fertile the Septembre' (late). Also valuable are the varieties 'Johny Brack "(yellow flesh),' Amsden ',' Peregrine '(half-early),' Broechemse 'and' Vaes harvest. A variety known nectarine is "Madame Blanchet. New disease tolerant peach varieties include 'Bénédicte "and" Revita ".

6.Tolerante peach varieties curl disease (leaf mold)     

White-fleshed varieties are, in general, less susceptible than the fleshy yellow varieties.

Perhaps the following varieties somewhat tolerant to this fungal disease:
(Tolerant = little or not susceptible to this disease)
'Avalon Pride'
"Reine des Vergers'
'Red Haven'
'Charles Ingouf'
'Darling' (syn. 'Darling')
"Fertile the Septembre '

The most recommended for rapid regrowth after an attack are "Benedicte" and "Revita".

A remarkable peach is "Sanguine de Savoie, a fleshy red blood peach with deep pink blooms, also suitable as an ornamental tree.

How optimal growth and fruit production obtained?

- January-February: lime spreading. Peach trees like a neutral to slightly calcareous soil.
- February-March: three treatment against fungal disease curl. Once the buds swell and the flower color is visible. Tip! Curl Disease tolerant varieties (Avalon Pride, Benedicte, Revita) do not require treatment.
- March-April: the ground under the tree free of vegetation (grass and / or weeds) make. The tree should mirror during flowering black, closed and humid. There is less damage from spring frosts.
- April: fertilizers (NPK) and give unnecessary branches (without flowers / fruits) prune. Ensure good tree form in which pruning.
- June: fruit thinning and potassium fertilizer on sandy soil a little give.
- June, July and August: the ground around the trunk weekly shallow hoeing or chopping.
- End of August or September: harvest and then rejuvenating pruning. Try young fruiting wood as short as possible to the leaders to obtain.

7. Peach trees and nectarines multiply

There are two possibilities to increase:

- Sowing:

- Grafting and budding:


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